All new customers MUST show proof of fully current vaccination, otherwise we won’t be able to work with your dog. Rabies is NECESSARY for your dog to be able to be groomed by us. Rabies, Bordatella and Parvo vaccines are imperative for your dog to be able to be boarded. For Daycare services, your pet must be under a flea and tick treatment to be accepted. All daycare service dogs will be examined for fleas and ticks before coming in.



All prices include: Bath, double session of hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, bubble massage, facial with a blueberry and oatmeal cleanser, anal gland expression, plucking of the ears if needed, cleaning of the ears, nail cut, skin conditioner, and perfume.
Extra services not included in the price: Nail grinding/filing $10, Special shampoos (such as oatmeal blend, hydrocortisone, or flea shampoo) $10, Flea treatment $15, Holiday accessories (such as bows, bowties, bandanas, etc) $2.

Price may increase if the dog is severely matted, if the dog is aggressive, if the dog bites and/or if the dog is sick and requires multiple baths/cleaning up. Overly aggressive/sick dogs will not be accepted to be groomed.

lightpinkpawStarting Prices for a Full Groom (Haircut):

Small (25 lbs and under) – $42 for shavedowns / $45 for longer cuts/patterns / $50 for complex scissored patterns

Medium (26 lbs and up) – $60 for shavedowns & $70 for longer cuts/patterns/scissoring

Large (45 lbs and up) – $75 for shavedowns / $85 for longer cuts/patterns / $95 for complex scissored patterns

XL (70 lbs +) – $85 for shavedowns / $95 for longer cuts/patterns / $105 for complex scissored patterns

Fashion, Asian Fusion, Original, Personalized, and Full Body Hand Scissoring haircuts will be quoted depending on the desired haircut style, size of the dog, and condition of the dog’s coat.

lightpinkpawStarting Prices for a Sanitary Groom (Paws, Feet, Genital areas, and face):

Small – $30

Medium – $40

Large – $48

XL – $55

lightpinkpawStarting Prices for Baths:

X-Small – $15

Small – $20

Medium – $30

Large – $40

X-Large – $50

hot pink pawIndividual services:

Hair dying and creative grooming: $15-$30 depending on the size of the dog and the amount of dying needed

Nail cutting – $10 all sizes

Nail grinding – $15 all sizes

Just a Brush out – $5-$15 depending on size of the dog and condition of the coat

Plucking/cleaning of the ears – $5-$10 depending of state of the ear and behavior of the dog



Daycare spots are limited depending of the day and available staff. We treat your pet like it’s our own, so we want to ensure we give him or her our full attention and love!

What our rates include: Full day of 9 hours. In building lounging with an assigned fenced area. Secure indoor play, exercise and lounge. Feeding and snacking schedule given by the owner (owner must bring their own food and snacks). Crate lounging if asked by the owner. 3 walks a day of 20 minutes. Outside potty breaks as needed.

Extra services (not included in the given rate): Special needs and extra attention because of medical or behavioral reasons, giving medication/vitamins, grooming services, food and snacks provided by Pink Poodle, pick up and drop off at your home if it’s within our nearby area. For more information on prices for these extra services, please contact us!

lightpinkpawBOARDING Rates (Overnight):

Small dogs (under 35 lbs) – $25 a day / $15 a day after the first 2 nights

Medium dogs (35 lbs – 49 lbs) – $35 a day / $25 a day after the first 2 nights

Large dogs (50 lbs and up) – $40 a day / $30 a day after the first 2 nights

lightpinkpawDAYCARE Rates (Drop off & Pick up the same day by 6pm):

Small dogs – $15 a day

Medium dogs – $20 a day

Large dogs – $25 a day