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Do you want a career grooming dogs? Do you want to become a dog groomer and make $500 a week or more? Do you want to have the choice of opening your own business or work at an established shop?

Stop watching YouTube videos.

Stop trying to follow instructions from a picture on Pinterest.

Don’t buy that book that says it will teach you how to groom dogs.

Let ME teach you.

I will teach you how to groom dogs the RIGHT WAY. The PROFESSIONAL way. I will work with you, side by side, to help you become a dog groomer be it for your own pets or to open your own pet grooming business or work at an established shop as a prepared groomer. There is a high demand for people with our skills and very little people that can provide them!

I have years grooming dogs and I have successfully taught 5 people, 3 of which already own their own dog grooming businesses. I have a successful business and I’m willing to share my knowledge with you for an affordable price!

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In cooperation with the SAN ANTONIO GROOMING ACADEMY, our grooming shop provides the grounds for students to come and learn how to professionally groom pets. The owner of the shop, Andrea Sleeper, is the main instructor of the S.A.G.A.

The following information is for our 2018 program. Information and pricing for 2019 MAY differ.

Main Info

The one on one grooming classes consist of only one student working with one or two instructors. Classes are both theoretical and hands on, working on actual customers. You choose your budget, your schedule, and the pace at which you want to learn. Depending on what you’re looking for, we set up a schedule and a learning plan for us to be able to get you to where you want to be when it comes to your grooming goals according to your budget and time. All lessons are 2 hours and will take place in the Pink Poodle Grooming and Daycare shop in Converse, Texas. We recommend taking at least one lesson a week to have some progress in your learning process. The time it takes you to graduate and complete the program will depend on YOU. On the amount of lessons you can take a week, in how much progress you can make in each lessons, how fast you can learn and apply your knowledge, and your motivation to finish. Some students have learned everything in 3 months, others have taken a year. It varies from student to student.


What you will Learn

• Dog & Cat Anatomy (including hair and skin)
• Breed recognition (including group classifications and purpose)
• Pet body language & behavior
• Handling, holding & safety techniques
• Proper Bathing & Drying
• Identification of diseases, parasites & conditions (including skin)
• Handling difficult, aggressive, or pets with special needs
• Ears & Nails
• Brushing, combing & dematting
• Grooming tools & their proper use (including injury prevention)
• Proper roughing process (incorporating b&d, e&n, and sanitary and feet)
• Basic clipping & finishing techniques (face, feet, sanitary)
• Grooming Patterns and Clipper Techniques (Art of pet styling)
• Shaving & Close cuts
• Poodle cuts & styles (Basic and pet)
• Beginner & Intermediate hand scissoring
• Terrier cuts & styles
• Handling & Holding Techniques while finishing
• Accessory making & application
• Advanced patterns, breed cuts, and hand scissoring
• Advanced general grooming


What the Price Includes

All costs include the facility, all the grooming tools, all grooming equipment, 2 hours of class and one or two instructors. It also includes the pet to work on, which will be an actual customer. The student MAY bring his or her own pet, or family, or friends’ pets to work on. Liability insurance is included AGAINST staff, shop equipment, customer dogs, and shop supplies, but NOT AGAINST the student. The student must be aware of the liability of working with animals and learning how to handle them and groom them, and must be responsible for its own injuries and accidents. When the student is done with all the basics and intermediate classes and moves up to advanced classes and internship, the class will change to be 4 hours. Class price will also change. If the student wants his or her own pet grooming books and notebooks or other supplies besides what is given in the welcome package, they may purchase their own but they will still have to pay for the welcome package.

You WILL receive a San Antonio Grooming Academy certificate and a paper of completion by the Pink Poodle. If you successfully complete your training, you will get two letters of recommendations and two strong references for you to get a main groomer position. If you decide to open your own shop, Andrea Sleeper will be available to help you start and open your new shop properly and set you up for success.

My program is designed in a way that you can successfully do what grooming shops are looking for in a prepared groomer: you will be able to fully groom a dog in different lengths and patterns, at the same time that you keep the dog’s coat and skin healthy and clean. That way, you will be able to perform in an established dog grooming shop or you will be able to start taking in your own customers.


Costs and more Pricing Info


All payments are done weekly or monthly, on the first lesson of that week or month. For example, if you’re going to take 3 lessons that particular week, one on Monday, another on Tuesday, and another on Wednesday, the amount of the 3 lessons must be paid on Monday when we meet for your first lesson. You may pay for a particular number of lessons in advance. For example, if you want to take 4 lessons in a month, you may pay for those 4 lessons and then we can agree on what days we will meet to fulfill those 4 lessons during that particular month.


Non-refundable application fee (to hold your spot and schedule): $50

Welcome package (school supplies): $20

Uniform (grooming scrubs): $40


Price per 2 hour lesson (beginner & intermediate): $48

Price per 4 hour lesson (double class & advanced): $100


3 lessons a week (b&i): $144

4 lessons a week (b&i): $192

5 lessons a week (b&i): $240


Monthly package of 12 lessons (b&i): $500 (You save $76!)

Monthly package of 20 lessons (b&i): $880 (You save $80!)


REMEMBER: Your price changes if you do 2 classes in a single day or if you move up to being an advanced student! Prices with the sign (b&i) indicate prices for beginners and intermediate students.

When you finish your studies, you will be offered an internship in one of the Pink Poodle shops (depending on the availability in our shops). You WILL NOT have to pay for the internship and you will not be paid for the work done in the shop, it’s just an optional opportunity for the student to start working by him or herself while still being in the same building of his or her instructors, to build their confidence and independence. Ask about this when the time comes and save the amount you would normally pay by working with us during the day!


How does it work?

You choose your budget, your schedule, and the pace at which you want to learn. Depending on what you’re looking for, I will set up a schedule and a learning plan for us to be able to get you to where you want to be when it comes to your grooming goals.

Step 1. Contact me to set up a greeting appointment. We will talk about what you want to accomplish, what your budget is, scheduling, and expectations. We will also set up a date to start your lessons, if you decide you do want to go ahead and start your grooming career.

Step 2. You will receive an e-mail or text confirming the date of your first lesson and reminding you what you will need to bring/wear/remember.

Step 3. We will meet for your first lesson and your grooming career will start right there and then!

For more information, contact me here!